Breakfast & Refreshments

Our focus is on attention to individual preferences, healthy delicious food and local sourcing of ingredients.


Vegetable Garden & Breakfast


Breakfast -  Enjoy our freshly prepared breakfast, featuring the finest quality seasonal ingredients from our vegetable garden and other locally sourced ingredients.  Enjoy a gourmet breakfast in the comfort of our dining room or screened porch overlooking our garden (weather permitting).  We'll gladly accommodate guests with specialized diets and endeavour to prepare special requests.  After your arrival, we will confirm your preferred time for breakfast, between the hours of 7:00 am - 9:00 am each day.


Daily Refreshments - Tea (or coffee), infused water, and freshly prepared snacks are available in the dining area around 4:00 pm.


Bedtime Refreshments - We can provide warm cookies and milk, tea or coffee at 8:00 pm each evening in the dining area, if interested.


Dinner Option -  We offer our guests the option of dinner, prepared fresh by our II Dine Team at an additional cost. Guests should request this option when reservations are made or at least 24 hours in advance. Meals are 3 courses and with local ingredients.