Stonegate Farm

CCOVID preventative measures and protocols in place; outdoor seating is available for meals and relaxation (weather permitting).

Here at Stonegate Farm, we grow a wide variety of fresh heirloom vegetables, herbs and fruits, chemical free, using sustainable methods:

  • Start our seedlings indoors March and April annually from saved seed.
  • Replenish our soil continuously with composte and aged manure seasonally.
  • Plant natural cover crops to reduce soil erosion and use as green manure.
  • Rotate our crops annually to reduce chance of disease.
  • Utilize companion planting as one means of pest control.
  • Gravity feed crops using collected rain water, when possible, or water from our creek.

We harvest an abundance of fresh seasonal herbs, fruits, and vegetables; various fruits from trees, bushes, and vines (apples, wild concord grapes, berries, etc.); produce maple syrup from our sugar bush each spring; and process all of these great-tasting herbs, fruits and vegetables into bake goods, teas, seasonings, dehydrated food, preserves, and frozen food offerings which can be enjoyed by our guests year-round.

We source natural raw honey and other produce we do not grow from the Merryweather Farm, as well as, other local providers.