rideau Canal district

The Rideau Lakes and Rideau Canal District of South Eastern Ontario is an amazing region with uniquely well-preserved natural beauty resulting in a variety of outdoor activities, and fascinating glimpses into the region's (and Ontario's) rich history.

The region is primarily defined by its proximity to the Rideau Canal Waterway and its location within the "Frontenac Arch", a NW-SE trending geological ridge of ancient granite which joins the Adirondack Mountains to the Canadian Shield from Algonquin Park, across the east end of Lake Ontario. In 2002, the Frontenac Arch became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and in 2007, the Rideau Canal Waterway, which runs along the northern boundary and through the heart of the Biosphere, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The Rideau Canal Waterway, constructed after the War of 1812 to provide a secure shipping alternative to the St. Lawrence River, links a string of scenic rivers and pristine lakes as it snakes its way through towns, farms and woodlands for 202 km (126 miles) between Canada’s capital (Ottawa) and Ontario's oldest city (Kingston) on Lake Ontario.


Our area is host to 6 Rideau Canal lock stations and 65 km of some of the most picturesque countryside along the Canal. Over 50,000 boats per year transect the quiet waters of the Canal system.

Because of its location within the historic Frontenac Arch and its relatively easy driving access from Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal, and northern New York State, our area offers an amazing variety of fantastic outdoor (and other) activities.

Harlem Stonegate is located approximately 6 km from the Village of Portland, situated on Big Rideau Lake, which lies between the Narrows and Poonamalie lock stations of the waterway. Guests can easily access Big Rideau Lake (and the waterway) by car (or even by bike) if traveling by road, or could stay with us as a stopover while traveling the Rideau system by boat (a fantastic trip!). We offer boaters complementary pick-up/drop-off service between Len's Cove Marina and Harlem Stonegate.

Village of Portland, ON