Wellness & Fitness

We believe our tranquil sugar bush, waving hayfields, fascinating wetlands and bucolic local roads provide a perfect and unique backdrop for guests to unwind, relax, re-balance, refresh, and re-calibrate. 


To connect with and enjoy those timeless natural features, guests can feel free to walk at their leisure and explore (weather permitting and observing safety rules) our hayfields and trails in the hardwood bush. Walks, hikes and bike routes can also be arranged for guests. If guests are looking for a more structured escape, we've worked with fitness professionals to establish a number of inspiring and restorative wellness and fitness activities (and programs). 

Curated Activities

We offer curated hikes, bike trips, canoe/kayaking trips, paddle board rentals, dining outings, and trips to local attractions for guests wanting a more organized experience. Working with fitness professionals, we can offer fitness and wellness programs for guests looking to pursue improvements in their health and fitness. Guests wishing to pursue this program can have scheduled daily fitness, wellness activities (including cycling, hiking, and paddling) and planned diets.

Massage Service

Unwind with an in-house massage in one of our private rooms or outdoors in our private screened yoga pergola overlooking the pond (weather permitting). Our wetlands are teaming with indigenous and migratory wildlife that creates a constant dance of activity and a chorus of sound. Everything we do at Harlem Stonegate is designed to re-align with this amazing natural pageant.

Note: as part of our COVID-19 preventative measures, the therapist and guest are required to wear a mask during the massage treatment.


Reflexology Massage (45-60 minute)


A holistic massage treatment, which restores balance to the body by targeting the thousands of nerve endings in each foot. This massage uses the application of pressure and movements to target zones of the feet to stimulate the whole body and promote relaxation, improve circulation, detoxify, stimulate vital organs and encourage the natural healing process within the body. It’s ideal for those who suffer from chronic headaches and stress.


Swedish Massage (60 minutes)


A natural way to relieve pain, loosen stiff joints, and relax tight, over used muscles. It involves the use of hands, forearms, and elbows to manipulate the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These are long; flowing strokes applying a relaxing slight pressure on the muscles of the back and legs. This body massage is composed of five main movements: gliding, kneading, tapping, friction and vibration, which have relaxing and therapeutic effects, and can be done as light or as deep as the clients wishes.


Rejuvenation Massage Package (1.5 hours)


A 50-minute Swedish massage, 30-minute Reflexology massage, detoxifying herbal tea, and delicious healthy light snack.

Recreational Equipment

We offer bikes with GPS, helmets, canoes, kayaks, paddles, life jackets, safety equipment and dry bags for guests to rent at a nominal cost - signed waiver required. As well, we have, wide brim hats, day packs/backpacks and thermos bottles for guest use, at no cost. We'll transport all watercrafts and gear, including guests’ to/from Big Rideau Lake, a 5-minute drive. There are also several local outfitters that rent boats, canoes, Kayaks, paddleboards, and bikes.

Screened Yoga Pergola

A private screened yoga and exercise pergola, overlooking the pond, at the edge of our wetlands, is available for guests to reserve.